Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blogger E-Mail Issues

 It's come to many bloggers attention that a lot of our subscribers are not receiving updates, it has to do with FeedBurner going away.

Unfortunately I was unprepared for this as there was no notice sent out.  I'm trying to find a free service to use but if I can't find one you may have to come to my blog on your own, as I set this blog up as a way to share my creations with everyone and I just can't justify the cost for e-mail services right now.  I'm sorry if this is a hassle for you but like everyone else I have to watch how I spend my money too.  I hope you enjoy my blog enough that you will continue to come by to see my blog.  

Thank you for understanding and I hope to have a solution soon.  Mary

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cheesy Shells and Italian Sausage

I made this dish the other day, one pot on the stove top and it came out really good!  No need to cook your pasta in another pot, win!

Now if you don't have a RockCrok, you can easily make this in a 4 quart pan.  It was so easy and all you need to add to it is some Garlic Bread and a salad.  Oh, I used the Traditional Prego sauce, as this is what we like.  Also, I didn't have the chicken stock, so I just used Vegetable stock that I had on hand and it will come out just as delicious.  I also omitted the Croutons, not in the pantry either.

 Enjoy!!  Mary