Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vegetable Medley

Here is a quick and easy side dish. I used one zucchini, one yellow squash, one medium carrot, little bit of olive oil and about one tablespoon of butter in a 8" sauté pan. Cook for about 5 minutes over medium-high heat, or until done to your liking. Then sprinkle with Pampered Chef Three Onion Rub, as much as you like. Toss and serve. To make the julienne strips, I used Pampered Chef Julienne Peeler.  

I made this just for myself, but you could easily make this for more people, I go by using one of each vegetable for one serving because I like this dish!  If you don't have Pampered Chef's Three Onion Rub, I've made it with fresh pressed garlic and fresh chopped onion (I was too lazy last night to do that, so I went with my rub)!

Enjoy!  Mary

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