Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookie for One Perfect for Santa

Hi everyone! Hope you all are ready for the big day coming on the 25th! We had our Christmas last Sunday, only seven of us, as my husband had knee replacement surgery on December 20th. I know, but that was the only time before the end of the year and had to get it done so insurance would pay for most of it.

Ok, now on to this cute idea that I found surfing the web. It is a recipe for one big cookie for Santa. Heck, you could make it for yourself if you are all by yourself and looking for something sweet to eat but don't want to make 2 dozen cookies. I have not tried this recipe but it is just too cute of an idea not to pass along to all of you.

You can find the recipe HERE. If you try this recipe, let me know how it taste, please. I bet the kids would love to help make this cookie with you too.

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Chanda Stehlik said...

Yummmy! Looks so good! We made a couple of different kinds of cookies yesterday and it was detrimental to the ole diet as I probably at a dozen in one day!!!!! LOL! This is a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing it! Merry Christmas!