Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ninja Blender Cover

Hi everyone, I hope your week is off to a great start, it's nice and sunny here today, maybe Spring is here to stay!

I'm sharing with you today the blender cover that I made to cover my daughters' blender with.  I used the same material that I used to make her mixer cover with.  Now her small appliances will stay nice and clean while out on the countertops.  I have no pattern to send you too, I had to make my own.  I did take some packing paper and did a rough measurement and sewed it together, slipped it over the blender and adjusted the size before I cut out my strips of material.  Then I cut out muslin and quilt batting and sewed all three layers together, zig-zag the raw edges and sew it all together.  She is very pleased with how it came out too!  I'm going to her house this week-end and will give it to her then.  She is also having her first Pampered Chef party, if any of you need any PC items you can order them from her website HERE.

Well off to make a birthday card, hope you have a great day tomorrow!  Mary


Chanda said...

That's adorable! I bet she loved it! She is so lucky to have a nice mommy like you!

Kathy Smith said...

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